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Thread: Thanks, Character encoding problem fixed!

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    thanks,all<BR><BR>finally my ASP problem with character encoding is fixed.<BR><BR>a couple of points I need to talk about:<BR><BR>1.session.codepage must be set for different language character search, LCID properties seems<BR> not work for the search<BR><BR>2. since the search character is obtained from a web form input fild, corresponding charset for different<BR> language must be set in meta tag in html, otherwises search results won&#039;t be found<BR><BR>3. select the description from link where description like N&#039;%XXXXX%&#039;<BR> I tried this query both with &#039;N&#039; before the search word and without &#039;N&#039;, seems both works<BR><BR>4. in SQL2000, &#039;Nvarchar&#039; datatype must be set to store characters, like chinese, japanese, otherwises it <BR> won&#039;t work<BR><BR>5, another thing, while chinese charset is set in meta tag in html, however, search on japanese character<BR> still works, I assume these two languages share the same encoding to a certain extent.

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    Default Your point 5

    Yes, I would also assume that Japanese and Chinese share the same encoding for the "Kanji" characters of Japanese. I don&#039;t know Chinese at all and only know enough about Japanese to understand a little bit of the written structure of the language.<BR><BR>

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