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    hi.. <BR><BR>i ve put text boxes in one of the columns in a table ...when i run the page i dont se them aligned one below the other. i tried to do it but it doesnt work. <BR><BR>i wanted to remove the textboxes and simple accept user input.... how do i do that...actually thats what i had been suggested to do so. but how do i remove the textboxes and accept user input without it? i hope i am able to explian...i have used the textboxes name all over my do i use them then..<BR><BR>thanks <BR>thanks

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    Default I suggest you show us...

    ...your code, so we can see how you screwed up.<BR><BR>I *assume* that when you say "text box" you *really* mean an<BR> &#060;INPUT Type=Text ...&#062;<BR>form field?<BR><BR>No, you can&#039;t accept user-type input except in those kinds of form fields and &#060;TEXTAREA&#062; form fields.<BR><BR>If they don&#039;t line up, then you have done something wrong to cause the problem.<BR><BR>

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