hello everybody, <BR><BR>I am beginner in ASP and I have a doubt. I have a form that has two textboxes to type an username and a password. If the username and password are OK so is redirected to another page to do a search. Ok up to here. My doubt is : in this search page I put a back button. If I press this button I back to home. Well, If the back button of the navigator is pressed it is possible to go back to my search page. I wouldn&#039;t like to. Because this page is only loaded by the login page. <BR>If someone try to press the button I&#039;d like some message like this : This page expired. I put in my codes Response.Expires = -1<BR> but it didn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>Any tip with example I&#039;d be thankfull.<BR><BR>My best regards.<BR><BR>JotaBe