whenever I use the cdo/cdonts I get these 2 additional files...in the queue folder in the mailroot<BR><BR>NTFS_4ebfd21001c4e9e800000001.EML : Internet E-Mail Message<BR>NTFS_4ebfd21001c4e9e800000001.EML.STL: certificate Trust List<BR>NTFS_4ebfd21001c4e9e800000001.EML.STM: Winamp media file<BR><BR>Internet E-mail message is ok...but are the other 2 files that shows up in the queque folder..when i use cdo/cdonts, infact has asked this question before but unfortunately I did not get any response on this particular one.....<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>JPN<BR ><BR>