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    I am currently with CrystalTech for over 1 year. I am using their share hosting and I hardly ever had any problems. But the recent few months my site has experienced so many problems and I have to consider another host.<BR><BR>I really need some suggestions for an ASP host for a commercial website. Our budget is somewhat flexible, I can pay up to $70.00/mo for shared environment. Bandwidth is not very important, as my site does not use alot of bandwidth. High uptime and PREMIUM customer service is a must. I also prefer hosts that do not put over 100 sites on 1 server (hence the premium I am paying monthly).<BR><BR>I have considered dedicated server, but since I am not experienced in managing one, I am still reluctant in having my own server. <BR><BR>Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I am with<BR><BR>I have had no problems and I have a package that allows me upto 5 domains<BR><BR>you could pay for your own from them or....<BR><BR>I have 3 spare if you wanted to share <BR><BR>email me

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