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    im having a problem with onchange function which is used with textbox components. I wanted to emulate a situation where in the real situation the data is grab through bar code reader. And i decided to use textbox. Since there will be no button click in the real situation therefore i decided to use onchange method. However, the problem is, this particular program is intended for client side machine, not server side, so i have to use jScript or vbScipt. Another thing is, i have to split each item read by the barcode since the proces of reading items is continous. Do u have any idea how I can do this?

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    Default Depends on the barcode reader...

    And I don&#039;t see how ONCHANGE is going to work, because ONCHANGE *does not occur* until after the user moves *OFF* of the field that was changed.<BR><BR>So the barcode reader would have to send a TAB or maybe a RETURN character to the browser to get it to recognize that something has changed.<BR><BR>This is all easy enough to do, most likely, *IF* you (a) know the characteristics of the reader and/or (b) can change the characteristics somehow to what you need.<BR><BR>I *believe* that most readers will send an "end of line" after each reading, which is not ideal for a browser (a tab character would be better) but which can probably be dealt with via a little bit of JS coding.<BR><BR>

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