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    Hello friends!<BR><BR>In my ASP page, I do have a dropdown box which list all the countries. Below that there are alot of textboxes and a submit button.<BR><BR>Whne the user selects a country, it will refresh the page and display all the details in the below textboxes.<BR><BR>What I need is, when the user selects any country I need to display a message saying "If you have entered data please click on the submit button or else data will be lost." This should appear only once. If the user tries to select again it shouldn&#039;t show any message. please help.

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    Default Better would be to fix your code

    There&#039;s no reason that the data has to be lost.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know how you are refreshing the page, but there&#039;s no reason that your refresh couldn&#039;t preserve the data and make the alert unnecessary.<BR><BR>

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