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    Is there anyway that we can make a text field like on yahoo mail - to: <BR>which gets the texts we type and shows the similar address from the database. <BR><BR>I want to write a program in like this, <BR>1. User enter value(say &#039;chinchika&#039;) to a textfield(asp) and submit the form. <BR>2.This value will go to a database. <BR> time when he comes and type &#039;c&#039; i wanted to show the earlier values that he has entered(which are now on database) starting from &#039;c&#039; without submitting the form. <BR><BR>Similarly a thing liekin Yahoo mail. <BR><BR>OntextChange wont work. <BR>Can anybody help me or give an idea. <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Chinchika

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    At least tell people that you&#039;ve already posted this before:<BR><BR><BR>Cra ig.

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