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    Earlier my web server os was WIN 2000. I had webbased appliction using which I can upload any kind of file like wav,avi,doc,jpg, dicom etc to my server.<BR>For uploading I have used the file upload.asp which created the class Fileuploader. I got this file from ur site. Author of this code is Jacob "Beezle" Gilley.<BR><BR>Now web server os is Windows 2003, IIS is 6.0. Now while uploading files, dicom file can&#039;t be uploaded. It is showing error &#039;Operation not Allowed line 46&#039;. Line 46 of the code contains: biData = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes).<BR>All other types of file like jpg, wav, avi, doc etc are getting uploaded sucessfully.<BR><BR>Were shall I look for the error? Is it because of Windows 2003 or something else. Please help me.

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    Windows 2003 is a bit different to Windows 2000 when it comes to uploading/downloading files...<BR><BR>Google has some ideas:<BR> eration%20not%20allowed&sourceid=firefox<BR><BR>Cr aig.<BR>

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