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    I have a simple button and textbox on a webform with a RequiredFieldValidator tied to the textbox control. The problem is that a postback never occurs on the webform by clicking the button even when I have something inside the textbox. <BR><BR>If I don&#039;t have the validator control on the webform, then the button clicked event gets fired (causing the postback - I have a breakpoint set in the Button.Clicked event of the button on the webform). <BR><BR>The CausesValidation property of the button is set to True, but I have something inside the textbox and it still doesn&#039;t postback. I thought that a postback will NOT occur only if there is some kind of validation or required error with the control. In this case, something is inside the textbox, so how come the postback doesn&#039;t occur? <BR><BR>Does anyone know what the problem is with this? <BR>

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    Default Sounds right to me...

    Maybe you should post your code. Nothing obviosuly wrong is coming to mind.

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