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    I have a form that generates a report.. basic data entry page, gussied up display page. I have the sections of the display page seperated into different type sections, ie.. header, "Ownership Data", etc. For the header, the data is all pretty much fixed, I have a name, a serial, etc. I'm passing those to the display page using get methods, and creating a source page object, nothing complex. However, the next section down, has variable length data. The section is basically a table, with 5 columns, and anywhere from 1-8 rows, depending on what the user enters. This has datagrid written all over it. My question is... how should I go about doing this? If this were coming from a database, it would be pretty easy, given the examples on the site here. My thoughts are to create string arrays for each of the columns, and bind those to seperate datagrids that would appear to be in the same table on the output page. Would this work? And.. is there a better way to do it? Anyone that could help out, I really appreciate it. I'm kinda new to ASP.NET and trying to learn things the way they SHOULD be done.

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    Using 8 datagrids seems very bloated. If you know of a maximum possible of entries, I'd say just include the 8 lines and test if some or blank. I had a similar problem in a program where employees can fill out their timecards. They could have any number of line items to fill out. I wound up having to write my own server control to do the trick. It took a long time. Maybe other people are smarter here.

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