Cevas Data – Technical Position<BR>Job Description: Project Manager – Internet Technologies<BR><BR>Background:<BR> Cevas Data Systems Ltd is at an early stage, which has secured substantial backing from private investors. An experienced and competent Board is creating a multi product business to business application service provider with a significant commercial edge not found in any of its <BR>competitors. This team and the Unique Selling Points inherent in the core competencies of the Company should permit rapid growth on to an international stage. You will be part of a fast moving Company and you will need to have the technical competence and strength of character to take on real responsibility and deal directly with members of the Board. In this environment there will be no shortage of opportunities to move your skills, career and the Company forward. Your efforts, individually and in your teams, will always have a direct impact on the success of the Company.<BR> The technology to be used will be from the Microsoft range, so an understanding of the MS Product Suite is a pre-requisite. This is a chance to implement new solutions in an Internet environment.<BR><BR>Responsibilties & Duties: <BR>1) To manage the production implemention of Internet Web Sites.<BR>2) Manage many Projects, for the Product Development & the Office Environment.<BR>3) Planning & Design of Technical Office Environment.<BR>4) Time Management of Project Deliverables.<BR>5) To implement and demonstrate your solutions.<BR><BR>Qualifications:<BR>Proven experience is more important than qualifications. The candidate is however expected to have most of the following:<BR>1) Must have experience of Implementing Internet Web Sites.<BR>2) Technical Office Infrastructure.<BR>3) Understanding of Web Development from a Full Project Life Cycle<BR>4) Has a list of Delivered solutions with references<BR><BR>Reporting to:<BR> Chief Technology Officer - CTO<BR><BR>Procedure:<BR>1) Sifting of relevant CV’s.<BR>2) Phone interview.<BR>3) Interview with CTO & Chief Executive Officer. There will be a General Internet Technology Test.<BR>4) Selection & Offer<BR><BR>Salary Range: <BR>We are a small team of which you will be one of the founding members of the technical team we are ideally looking for someone with hands-on style of working in a loose informal environment.<BR>Salary range 40K plus benefits including bonus, share options and six weeks holiday.<BR><BR>CV&#039s to: cevas@lineone.net<BR>