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    Royal Guest

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    Getting Error<BR> unable to set server into corret debugging state automatically<BR><BR>I had these setting Activated<BR> Project Setting<BR> * Checked Automatically enable server-side script debugging on lunch<BR> <BR> IIS setting<BR> * Run in separate memmory space<BR> *permission(Execute)<BR> *Enable Asp server-side script debugging<BR> &Enable Asp Client-side script Deubgging<BR>

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    Mandar Ogale Guest

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    We got this error when we use Visual Interdev debugging.<BR>Best way is to use a separate debugger.<BR>You can download it from<BR>Install the debugger restart your machine and use it.<BR>Enable "debugging" in IIS<BR>Put "Stop" in ASP code as a break point.<BR>Put "debugger" in JavaScript code as break point.<BR><BR>

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