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    Im making my first attempt at a custom ASP.Net server Control. I have made the control and compiled it just fine. I added the control to the toolbox and that went fine too. Ive been able to add it to an aspx code ahead page just fine too. Here is what I want (if this is possible)<BR><BR>You know how if you type in:<BR>&#060;asp:literal<BR>into an aspx page and then hit the space bar, you get an intellisense menu.<BR><BR>I want that with my server control. Is this possible? How?<BR><BR>

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    I know it&#039;s possible.. I don&#039;t know how, but I do know that Scott&#039;s done it in his controls...<BR><BR>Maybe you can review some of his code and see what he&#039;s doing...<BR>

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