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    I was wondering if it is at all possible to view an image from a zip file. Say i upload a zipfile with 100 images and I want to just be able to access the files from there as if it were a directory. Thanks<BR>-Russ

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    Default Probably could be done...

    ...if you can write or find an "unzip" component that is capable of both listing all files in a .zip and then extracting them one at a time. Certainly "pkunzip" is capable of this, but of course it&#039;s a standalone thing, and you would need an ActiveX component. [Unless you are using .NET, in which case there&#039;s a good chance you could write it using standard framework classes.]<BR><BR>

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    Default A great ActiveX component is..

    .. XCeed&#039;s Zip component.<BR><BR>We use it extensively here - great tool.

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