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    I want to use 1 button to go through 3 panels. I got stuck cause I have only one button_click sub. I guess I&#039;ll have to add a if statement to handle if the button_click is for panel 1 or panel 2 ?<BR>

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    To make things even quicker, you don&#039;t even need to go back to the server. Load all the panels and just change the visibility in javascript when the button is pressed.<BR><BR>So in the javascript onclick method for the button, you would just do something like:<BR><BR>if PanelID1.style.visibility == &#039;hidden&#039; {<BR>PanelID1.style.visibility = &#039;visible&#039;;<BR>PanelID2.style.visibili ty = &#039;hidden&#039;;<BR>PanelID3.style.visibilit y = &#039;hidden&#039;;<BR>}<BR>return false;

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