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    Is there a way to use form based authentication while still maintaining file system security? I have used form based logins for asp pages and of course that is secure in a manner of speaking, but what can I do (aside from the basic authentication popup) to secure my files.<BR><BR>For example, let&#039;s say I have used an .asp page to authenticate against a database, all is well when executing .asp pages, but what if I have a word document for download that I don&#039;t want "anonymous" users to be able to access.<BR><BR>Am I looking at implementing an ISAPI component or is there another way?

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    Not that I know of, with classic ASP. You can do it with ASP.NET though. You&#039;d have to map those extensions that you want to protect to the asp.net worker process for that application in IIS...Then they&#039;d fall under the domain of the asp.net security model.

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