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    Default Cannot set Default value

    sqlstr2 = "Alter Table Statistics Add Campaign_A_Imp Number Set Default 0, Campaign_A_DateShowed DateTime, Campaign_A_LinkID Number, Campaign_A_NumClick Number, Campaign_A_DateClicked DateTime" <BR><BR>How do I set the default value of Campaign_A_Imp to 0 when create the col of dataType number in ms Access?

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    Default Drop the word SET

    I *think* that is all that is needed. There was a discussion on this a while back in the DATABASE forum. If dropping SET doesn&#039;t work, search the DATABASE forum for relevant posts.<BR><BR>And you REALLY shouldn&#039;t just use NUMBER as a datatype. Specify the correct *kind* of number. In this case, I think all your NUMBER fields should actually be INTEGER.<BR><BR>But now why do you want to do this from SQL, in any case?<BR><BR>

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