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    Could someone please have a look at the code below. I am trying to get various buttons within the same form to perform separate tasks. Pretty standard using "onClick=", however one of the buttons within the same form needs to open a new window when clicked, with set window parameters.<BR><BR>I got it working somehow, the problem is as the window is launched and the file opened in it, the parent window where the button and form reside also refreshes, and a "post" happens there as well which I don&#039;t want.<BR><BR>Here is the code for the button in question, again it works well, just need to get around the parent window doing a post/refresh. I also have many other buttons performing a post to different pages within this form, however they all use "onClick=" with the parent window being used.<BR><BR>&#060;form method="POST" action="#"&#062;<BR>&#060;input name="MM1" type="submit" id="MM1" onClick=";;, &#039;SamplePage1&#039;, config=&#039;width=748,height=355,top=60,left=20,s crollbars=0,resizable=no,location=no,directories=n o,status=no&#039;);" value="SamplePage1"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;input name="MM2" type="submit" id="MM2" onClick="this.form.action=&#039;test2.asp&#039;" value="SamplePage2"&#062;<BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.

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    Default * Crossposted & answered in ASP Q&A (eop)


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