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    I am trying to add a record to a database. The following is the code that keeps giving me errors.<BR>RS.AddNew Array("date_time_field", "integer_field", "integer_field"), Array("Request.Form("date")","Request.Form("IE")", "Request.Form("Euro")")<BR>The process is as follows:<BR>The fields involved in the database are a date field and two currency fields(named differently). I need the Array to take in the date and currencies(respectively) from an ASP form filled out by the user. Can anyone help with this?<BR>Thanx in advance

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    You can Concatenate the fields after adding them to the Database by Delimiting with a Comma "," like<BR>Str = "Date_Time"<BR>Str = Str & "Currency1"<BR>Str = Str & "Currency2"<BR>Put a Hidden variable here say text1 with the value as Str.<BR><BR>In the next page use Request.form("Textname")<BR>Split the String using Split(Str, ",")<BR>get the value and u can use it.<BR><BR>If u need a detail reply mail me at ""<BR><BR>Hope it solves ur problem.<BR>

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