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    in old asp we were flexible in term of adding link, color each row align the table. in Grid control I did not see this features, any one knows of way to do the same in the grid. <BR><BR>Thanks

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    Very good question. Not all, but most "grids" that I create tend to be rather complex. Cell values are usually dependant on a variety of factors. For example, in reality, I almost never grab a datatable and loop thru without doing checks or calculations here and there. I rarely use DataGrids and Opt for a more ASP style building my own HTML with StringBuilder.<BR><BR>People will probably smirk when they read this, but this is what Ive found for complex scenarios (not displaying ONLY RAW data from a datatable)<BR><BR>1) DataGrids are slower<BR>2) Multiple Serverless forms are far easier to use than the single form approach.<BR>3) No Massive Viewstate problems<BR>4) Actually far less code than creating templates<BR><BR>I feel datagrids were really invented for people who dont know how or dont want to code their own html.<BR><BR>My 2 cents

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