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    Hello All,<BR><BR>I am having some trouble trying to find datatypes for access for a create table script:<BR><BR>i.e AutoNumber = Counter (I think can find little for access)<BR><BR>can anyone help with the following fields <BR> <BR>currencey = ? (and so on) <BR>date/time <BR>hyperlink <BR>memo <BR>number decimal <BR>number double <BR>number int <BR>number longint <BR>number single <BR>ole Object <BR>text <BR>yes/no <BR><BR><BR>:¬) Thanks all in advance<BR>

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    Default Look in Access HELP

    Bring up help.<BR><BR>Search for "ANSI SQL DATA TYPES".<BR><BR>You should get a table of all the ANSI types with their JET equivalents (including even acceptable synonyms).<BR><BR>DO NOT USE HYPERLINK TYPE! That&#039;s a really bogus type that is useless from SQL queries. It only works properly in Access, itself. [It&#039;s actually just VARCHAR but with an internal-only flag that causes the Access program--but NOT SQL!--to interpret it in a weird way.]<BR><BR>Be sure to read the NOTES on that page.<BR><BR>[If you don&#039;t have Access and/or never installed the HELP files, then search MSDN for the same thing.]<BR><BR>

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