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    I&#039;m very new with the xml web service stuff, so this may be a very remedial question.<BR><BR>I am making a call to a web service to get our company stock quote information to display on a page. The web service is returning the information in an XML format. I only need a little of the information sent back to me, but I am having problems pulling the informaiton. I&#039;m currently trying to do a xmlStringReader, but it isn&#039;t giving me what I need. <BR><BR>Here is what I&#039;m working with. <BR><BR> Dim stream As New System.IO.StringReader(ws.GetQuote("xxxx"))<BR> Dim reader As XmlTextReader = New XmlTextReader(stream)<BR> Dim sym As String<BR> Dim symbol As String<BR><BR> Do While (reader.Read())<BR> If reader.HasValue = True Then<BR> &#039;I&#039;m completely confused at this point<BR> End If<BR> If reader.Name = "Symbol" Then<BR> symbol = reader.Value<BR> End If<BR> Loop<BR> Label1.Text = symbol<BR>Any help would be much appreciated!!

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    Would it be possible to use selectSingleNode(XPATH) on that file...or is that out of the question?<BR><BR>/Babz

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