Hi,<BR><BR>is there someone that are familiar with aspupload?<BR><BR>i need help with the following stuff...<BR><BR>i&#039m working on a homepage for a video-store, and the owner of this are not familiar with aps, or html... so i was thinking about doing an admin area where they can for example change the news, and incomming movies... it is here the problem starts...<BR><BR>i have done an form that are collection all the stuff they wanted to be added in a table of the new movie, for example they are:<BR><BR>actor<BR>director<BR>release year<BR><BR>and so on,<BR><BR>and an selector where they can select witch picture they should upload... <BR><BR>but this dosen&#039t work...<BR><BR>so is there anyone that have the patience to help me?<BR><BR>thanks <BR><BR>/mikael