Hi All,<BR><BR>We have an ASP site which calls the COM+ components running in Library mode. Of late, we are getting the following error:<BR><BR>Automation error Could not read key from registry.<BR><BR><BR>code:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>set obj = Server.CreateObject("UserMgmt.LoginChecker")<BR>Re turnValue = obj.IsUserValid(login,passwd) &#039;Error in this line<BR>Set obj=nothing<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>The actual error is thrown from the LoginChecker class file, when it is trying to instantiate another COM+ component.<BR>However, when I instantiate the same COM+ component from ASP page, it is working.<BR><BR>I thought the IUser_&#060;machinename&#062; and IWAM_&#060;machinename&#062; users don&#039;t have enough permissions. However, even after adding the above users to &#039;administrators&#039; group, I am getting the same error. Hence it is evident that this is not a permission related problem. Can you please tell me what else could be the source of this problem?