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    i have following table <BR><BR>Id Name Rank<BR>1 Tom 1<BR>2 Jack 2<BR>3 Austin 3<BR>4 Stel 9<BR>5 Stel 5<BR>6 Mark 6<BR>7 Job 7<BR>8 Tom 4<BR>9 Mark 2<BR>10 Stel 4<BR>11 Tom 5<BR>12 Job 1<BR>13 Tom 8<BR>14 Job 5<BR>15 Stel 1<BR><BR><BR>How do i view the name of people whos rank order is not proper. For Eg : Toms Max Rank is 8.i want that if the other rank of Tom is not between 1 to 7 then it should show up toms name<BR><BR>Thanx in Advance

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    Default not sure I fully understand your question

    do you want something like this?<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table WHERE (rank not between 0 and 7) and (name=&#039;Tom&#039;)<BR><BR><BR>

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