hi...<BR><BR>I used xml as datasource for my report (Crystal Report 10).<BR>And i produce the xml file from a dataset with writexml method.<BR>I got my dataset from asp.net webservice.<BR>In my asp.net webservice application, <BR>i executed Store Procedure in SQL 2000 Database Server to produce a dataset .<BR>Sometimes the executed Store Procedure take a long time (2 minutes) to produce a dataset.<BR>This dataset will be sent to my windows application and will be used to produce xml files.<BR><BR>This is my problem:<BR> If ASP.Net WebService want to produce a record with a large amount (about 3000) data<BR> with executed Store Procedure, it often failed<BR> with error message "Server not responding" or "Can&#039;t perform transaction,because elapse transactions"<BR><BR>However, If i restart the server that hosted the asp.net webservice,<BR>the asp.net webservice will only properly once, after that, the same problem will reoccure.<BR><BR>I had spent lots of time to solve this problem. I am giving up, any advice???? Pleaseeeeeee