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    Default Opening Word Document from ASP.NET

    Dear all,<BR><BR>I am facing a problem while opening a MSWord document from ASP.NET. I am giving my code below:<BR><BR>************************************ ***************************<BR>Private strDocName As String<BR>Private wdApp As Word.ApplicationClass<BR>Private wdDoc As Word.Document<BR><BR>wdApp = New Word.ApplicationClass<BR>wdDoc = wdApp.Documents.Open(strDocName)<BR>wdDoc.Activate ()<BR>wdApp.Visible = True<BR><BR>************************************** **********************<BR><BR>No error is thrown while i run this piece of code. But the problem is this code fails to open an instance of Word and show it.<BR>Can somebody pls help me for solving this problem. <BR><BR>Thanking you in advance....<BR><BR>Saikat.<BR><BR>

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    Default Where do you expect ...

    ... to see Word open?<BR><BR>On the server? On the local workstation?<BR><BR>Either way, ASP.NET code runs on the server, so if anything it&#039;ll be executed on the server. That said, though, because this is running from ASP.NET, you still won&#039;t see the actual interface pop-open (but, you should see it if you check the processes in the Task Manager).

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