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    Hi All,<BR>I&#039;m trying to access files that are stored on a share but am not having any luck. Here the details:<BR><BR>My app lives on my desktop: cmpierce<BR>My desktop has mapped Z drive to the share: csfs02<BR>I can browse to the file I need to access: Z:5ESS Records empTelcoxlsExample.xls<BR>or enter in the IE address bar:<BR>\csfs02cos-tech5ESS Records empTelcoxlsExample.xls<BR>which also brings up the correct page.<BR><BR>How can my app get to this file??<BR>If I try to use server.mappath, I get &#039;virtual path expected&#039; error. If I try without mappath, I get &#039;invalid path&#039; error.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Marshall<BR><BR>

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    You have to give permissions to the local ASPNET user account to the remote folder.<BR><BR>But, once that&#039;s done, you can access the file using the UNC path (\csfs02cos-tech5ESS Records empTelcoxlsExample.xls).

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