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    Greetings all,<BR> I have two tables is Access; I simply want to transfer one column of data in Table_A to Table_B. I&#039;ve tried running update queries but just can&#039;t seem to work.<BR><BR>thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Are you needing to do this with ASP or is doing it inside of MS Access OK?<BR><BR>

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    First, create the column in the destination table (you can do this manually or programatically easily enough).<BR><BR>Then (Assuming you have a common key) run a statment similar to this:<BR><BR>UPDATE tbl_A INNER JOIN tbl_B ON tbl_A.ID = tbl_B.Id SET tbl_B.NewColumn = [tbl_A].[OldColumn]<BR><BR><BR>You can do the same thing in ASP if you want OR you can open a recordset, loop through it, blah, blah....

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