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    Hi all.. dunno where better to post this but here&#039;s my problem.. I&#039;m running a large query against SQL using some stored procs. It&#039;s driven by a search box on my site... when a user tries to search with something that has quotes, like women&#039;s it doesn&#039;t return anything. However when I try to run it under the Query Manager in SQL, and replace the single &#039; with two &#039;&#039; I get results.<BR><BR>What I did then was to use this line:<BR>sSearchString = Replace(trim(Request.QueryString("search")), "&#039;", "&#039;&#039;")<BR>to automatically replace the &#039; with &#039;&#039; before it ran the search. However it&#039;s still not doing it... as far as I can see, it is doing the replacement just fine but sql still won&#039;t return any values.<BR><BR>Is there anything I can try or that anyone can suggest? It&#039;s becoming a rather large issue here at work. Much appreciated!<BR><BR>-Ko

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    Default Looks OK

    What you&#039;re doing should work - try posting what the sSearchString value is (or better yet the entire SQL statement that you&#039;re sending).....

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