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    I&#039;m wondering how I can use SQL to construct my search strings instead of looping through recrods. I have a DB with a description field that I want to search.<BR><BR>This statement seems to work:<BR>sqlSTR = "SELECT * FROM partslist WHERE (description like &#039;%breaker%&#039;);"<BR><BR>Say I want to search for records that contain breaker and used, how would I construct this?<BR><BR>Also, what does the % mean? I&#039;ve also seen %% how is that different?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Andy

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    If you wanted to search for breaker and used, it would look like:<BR>sqlSTR = "SELECT * FROM partslist WHERE description like &#039;%breaker%&#039; AND description Like &#039;%used%&#039;"<BR>

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