hi guys! It seems that my preloader is not working. What im doing is:<BR>1) preview an item (the preloader should run on load of this page)<BR>here is the script im using:<BR><BR>function preloader(imahe1,imahe2,imahe3,imahe4,imahe5) <BR>{<BR>var i = 0;<BR>imageObj = new Image();<BR>pics = new Array(); <BR>pics[0]=&#039;http://www.web.com/&#039; + imahe1; <BR>pics[1]=&#039;http://www.web.com/&#039; + imahe2; <BR>pics[2]=&#039;http://www.web.com/&#039; + imahe3; <BR>pics[3]=&#039;http://www.web.com/&#039; + imahe4;<BR>pics[4]=&#039;http://www.web.com/&#039; + imahe5;<BR><BR> for(i=0; i&#060;=3; i++) <BR> { <BR> alert(pics[i]); <BR> imageObj.src=pics[i]; <BR> }<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>2) see the thumbnails of the item at the bottom of the page<BR>3) when i click the thumnail, a larger image should appear. these large image is the one ive preloaded previously. the page loads fine, but they dont show up! the image exists, i tried copy/pasting the url of the image and it shows! I have to right-click then select "Show Picture" for the image to load...any insights there?