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    I need to move a Cold Fusion site to a new server. I have never worked with Cold Fusion before and I&#039;m having the worst time.<BR><BR>Does anyone on this site know anything about it? My current error (in a long, long line of errors) is the following:<BR><BR>Invalid parameter type. <BR>The passed value does not evaluate to a valid struct object <BR> <BR>The error occurred in D:WWWRootgolf2020.comwwwlibrarycfct_golf2020_error Handler.cfm: line 14<BR> <BR>12 : &#060;cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="Yes"&#062;<BR>13 : <BR>14 : &#060;cfparam default="#structNew()#" name="attributes.errorData" type="struct"&#062;<BR>15 : &#060;cfparam default="false" name="attributes.bAdminOverride" type="boolean"&#062;<BR>16 : &#060;cfparam default="true" name="attributes.bAbortOnError" type="boolean"&#062;<BR><BR>I know this is the wrong place for this post but if anyone can point me in the right direction I will be forever grateful.

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