Hey, thanks for the article. Helpful, but I have one question, and of course this is open to anybody...the subject is too short to express that.<BR><BR>Ok, there is this article on getting a file to execute with scheduler/WSH<BR><BR>Well, I use the code, turn it into a .vbs file and never executed...with scheduler...hmmm, oh well.<BR><BR>Then, with old advice of others, I turned that code to .bat file...it executes, but gives errors. Dang...<BR><BR>Point? Ok, when I run scheduler to execute this .Bat file to OPEN IE and go to certain url, what syntax will work? When I executed a .Bat file with other syntax:<BR><BR>"c:program filesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe" http:/www.blah.com<BR>sleep 10 <BR>KILL.exe Iexplore.exe <BR><BR>It works EXCEPT gives a syntax error. Only when I refresh page it works.<BR><BR>Any idea what to do? Thanks for your time and the sites...sorry I couldn&#039t sum it up but I want to cover every base...<BR><BR>have a good one <BR>