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Thread: ASP Vs JSP

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    Default ASP Vs JSP

    What are the advantages of ASP as compared to JSP.

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    Franco Guest

    Default RE: ASP Vs JSP

    What&#039s JSP? Javascript? That&#039s a language. ASP is the philosopher&#039s gold of programming: how to to turn lead-head VB programmers into gold-dust web developers. Apparently.

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    I assumed JSP stood for "Java Server Pages". Some other web server products (BroadVision comes to mind) use this.<BR><BR>Advantages of ASP: Easy to learn, cheap, excellent support network (like this site for example).<BR><BR>Of course, it&#039s easier to write really bad ASP code that works than really bad Java code that works, IMO. I&#039d call that a disadvantage.<BR><BR>Mike

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    cute_ASP Guest

    Default What's JSP? I've never heard of this befor

    Does JSP really exsit? I&#039m sorry to say that I&#039ve never heard of this before reading your post today.

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    Default RE: What's JSP? I've never heard of this b

    Yes, JSP rewally does exsit. If I remember right JSP is now apart of ColdFusion 4.5 Check out Allaire&#039s site for more details.

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