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    I am new to ASP and programming in general. I wanted to ask if someone would be willing to create a basic form that e-mails its output to me. Actually just a skeleton so I can add to it what I want. If you wanted to take this task on, all I need the form to do is ask "Name" and "e-mail" address. The user would then click "Next" and the form would ask if the "Output" is correct by displaying the info they typed and if so click "Correct & Submit" or "Edit". At the point of hitting "correct and submit" button would e-mail the output. Is this hard to do ? Can someone help ? If so, please e-mail me at Thank you !

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    Like a lot of ASP, your request isn&#039t hard but just takes time most of us ain&#039t got. Go to MSDN at the M$ site and hunt down your required knowledge there.<BR><BR>Forms are easy. For E-mail, check out CDO and CDONTS. The rest is up to you.<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR>Franco<BR>

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