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Thread: Downloading pictures linked by ASP

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    anirudhmb Guest

    Default Downloading pictures linked by ASP

    How do I download tons of pictures accessible by ASP links, at one go? The picutres are in free domain. Is there any freeware/ shareware to do so?

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    Default What is an 'ASP link'???

    There are HTML links, assuming you mean &#060;A HREF=...&#062; tags.<BR><BR>But I&#039;ve never heard of an "ASP link". <BR><BR>

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    anirudhmb Guest

    Default RE: What is an 'ASP link'???

    The image has a link containing .asp -&#062;<BR><BR>If you visit the above site you will see that there are several images. I need help as to how one could download all of them at one go, preferably through a tool/ program, as I am not a programmer.<BR>Thank you for your reply.<BR>Anirudh.<BR>

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