I assume this problem is going to be something easy to fix, however the description of the problem is a bit difficult so please bear with me.<BR><BR>I have two custom asp.net (VB) user controls<BR><BR>I add a user control called PageBox to the page and given the value of the type property programmatically create the appropriate nested control in this example UserLogin.<BR><BR>My problem is that in the login form I can not get the value of a textbox using txtUsername.Text. I don’t get an error it just returns nothing. The odd thing is that the viewstate is working exactly as it should be. I even used CType(FindControl("XSC_strAdminUsername"),TextBox) .Text and got the same results. When I reference the form value itself such as Request.Form("_ctl2:_ctl1:txtUsername") everything works but then the control wont work when it is not programmatically created. <BR><BR>When I hard code the UserLogin control into the page and don’t programmatically create it from the PageBox control then everything works as it should.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated,<BR>