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    Hi there, <BR>Is there someone can help me to resolve my problem ?<BR>Here is the problem :<BR>"&#060;textarea&#062;&#060;%=record("field")% &#062;&#060;/texarea&#062;"<BR>when the data came out, there are unexpected space in front<BR>my data when I display it using "&#060;textarea&#062;". <BR>The data on the SQL database had no space in front of the data.<BR>My friend said that this cause by regular expression. <BR>But i dont how to remove this unexpected tab and space.<BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>sxin<BR>sxin@hotmail.com

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    I had the exact same problem and am still not able to solve it. My output is coming from a file but its the same problem in the textarea. Any ideas anyone?

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