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    P Henry Guest

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    May someone suggest some easy-to-implement off-the-shelf solutions (ASP, of course!) to help me introduce a &#039For Members&#039 service for my coming web site --- including initial registration, setting up of account in NT, assignment of secured contents (e.g. depending on responses to some datafields in registration process), subsequent login control and members&#039 maintenance. I am using IIS4 on NT4.

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    John Baker Guest

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    Good program is ASPLogin. Free version available or Pro versionn for under $40 which includes support. You can design the login, denial, and all other pages to match your site design. Can be downloaded from I am using this program on my site

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    Henry P Guest

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    John, <BR>Thanks indeed for your advice ... especially as I am a first time &#039forum&#039 participant, and I am sure you remember the joy when someone did respond to your first question, after the worries that I might have posted a really silly question!<BR>By the way, I like your site&#039s concept of the &#039personal locker&#039 !<BR>Regards,<BR>Henry

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