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    I'd like to have an edit button on an asp page. When users click on the edit button, I'd like to pop-up a window with entry fields where they can edit the data and update the database. If user click on any other areas outside the pop-up window, I'd like to close the pop-up windows and transfer the control back to the first asp page. Does anyone know how to accomplish this or point me to a sample asp code I can review?

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    Default Not an ASP question, not advanced

    Popups are strictly an HTML and client-side scripting issue. Same with closing windows, etc.<BR><BR>You could start with http://www.irt.org and their JavaScript FAQ.<BR><BR>One warning: You can&#039;t get control over areas of the screen that aren&#039;t part of the pages you are displaying. So you&#039;ll never catch a user who clicks outside of *any* browser window.<BR><BR>With MSIE, you could use a "modal dialog" (yes, that&#039;s in the MSIE docs), and that might be better suited to your needs.<BR><BR>Again, this is *ALL* done on the client side. The server (and thus ASP) has nothing to do with it.<BR>

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