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Thread: "using" within namespace block or outside

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    Default "using" within namespace block or outside

    hi all,<BR><BR>what is the difference between putting the "using" keyword within the namespace block like this :<BR>[code language="C#"]<BR>namespace Madrasaty<BR>{<BR> using System;<BR> using System.Data;<BR> using System.Drawing;<BR> using System.Web;<BR> using System.Web.UI.WebControls;<BR> using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;<BR> using Business; <BR> using Container; <BR><BR>[/code]<BR><BR><BR><BR> AND putting it outside on the start of the page like this<BR><BR><BR>[code language="C#"]<BR>using Business ; <BR>using System.Configuration;<BR>using System.Data.SqlClient;<BR><BR><BR>namespace Madrasaty<BR>{<BR>[/code]<BR><BR>all what i know is one the first one is in ascx file and the second in aspx!<BR>

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    Default Scope?

    seems like a scoping difference...? Not sure though...

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