I need to develop an application(for ex., something like icq<BR>or alexa)Which once installed, places itself at the bottom of the<BR>user&#039s browser & will be able to detect when the user goes online. (The user need not go to any sp. site)<BR>It&#039ll be a little bigger than the taskbar. Once started, it&#039ll fetch advertisements tailored to users likes & preferences from our SQL server (in the database we will have users preferences stored)& display them in a banner form as long as the user is <BR>online.<BR>Firstly, I need to know if such a component can be developed using ASP alone or I&#039ll need to use COM.<BR>Any suggestions or help would be welcome<BR>them there.<BR><BR>What goes into making an app like this. What resorces & expertise would<BR>be reqd. Please let me know if such an app can be developed using COM<BR>with VB 6.0 or ATL remains the best option.<BR><BR><BR>