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    How can you setup an Access db on a web server so that the db file cannot be downloaded, but can be read and written to by asp pages? Also, what NT or IIS4 permission need to be set for the databse or db folder?<BR><BR>Thanks..Mark

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    Sir,<BR><BR>- put the database in a folder, which is not accissble by the IIS. E.G. create a c:Db where you put the database in it.<BR><BR>- make a DSN in the ODBC-setting, which points to the database<BR><BR>- put the user and login in the ADBC-setting, to hide it from the scripts. In case someone ever reads the script, he/she will not see the login and password.<BR><BR>- use the DSN to connect from ASP to the database.<BR><BR>- set permissions on the c:DB<BR><BR>- If possible, put the IIS-directory on a sepparate disc.<BR><BR>

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