At, we provide a family of free Internet products for the Internet Generation -- kids ages 6 and up. We are a pre-IPO start-up located in the Silicon Valley. We help you truly take advantage of the incredibly vast offerings of the Web, while safeguarding you against its perils. Our products encourage kids to explore, learn and have fun on the Web - with unparalleled safety features built right in. You can even have Surf Monkey himself stay with you wherever you go, acting as your host, your guide, your pal.<BR><BR>This person will be responsible for developing and maintaining many of the key features and components of SurfMonkey using VBScript/JavaScript/ASP technology. This position offers important responsibilities and the chance to be a member of a team that is building an innovative and powerful service. In addition, this person will be responsible for leading and mentoring a team of engineers. Must have strong people management skills, good project management experience and excellent communication skills. Must have great problem solving skills and the ability to jump into a problem and come up with a working solution. Will be responsible for tracking projects and maintaining project schedules and deadlines.<BR><BR>Main Responsibilities:<BR>· Design and develop browser-based user interfaces using JavaScript/VBScript and DHTML.<BR>· Design and develop Active Server Pages (ASP) in JavaScript/VBScript with ADO database integration. Strong ASP required.<BR>· Design and develop web-based community features.<BR>· Must be knowledgeable with all underlying Web protocols.<BR>· Desire 5-8 years experience.<BR>· Experience with SQL database integration in Web environment.<BR>· Familiarity with Microsoft NT server.<BR>· Experience developing solutions based on Microsoft Commercial Internet Server/Site Server<BR><BR>If interested, please send resumes to: