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    Hi Friends,<BR> Please help me in the problem i am facing while uploading the image. I am getting the following error:<BR>Access to the path "D:InetpubFtprootccomMMUimageslogo2.gif" is denied. <BR><BR>The code i am using is <BR>If Not Me.File1.PostedFile.FileName = "" Then<BR> Dim strLongFilePath As String = File1.PostedFile.FileName<BR> Dim intFileNameLength As Integer = InStr(1, StrReverse(strLongFilePath), "\")<BR> Dim strFileName As String = Mid(strLongFilePath, (Len(strLongFilePath) - intFileNameLength) + 2)<BR> Select Case File1.PostedFile.ContentType<BR> Case "image/pjpeg", "image/jpeg", "image/gif" <BR> File1.PostedFile.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("images/") & strFileName)<BR> End Select<BR> End If<BR><BR><BR>Please reply me soon.....<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards<BR>Manish

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    Sorry, dont have an answer but I&#039;d like to make a small warning here. I believe lines like "Please reply me soon....." don&#039;t get you help faster. I even believe people around here ignore the whole message...<BR><BR>Its not only frustrating but also showes a lack of respect.

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    Default Permissions?

    Sounds like the ASPNET User account does not have Write permissions to the folder in question.

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