Hi all,<BR><BR>Here is my task. To take a user inputted string (a job performance bullet sentence) and determine whether or not it will fit into a third party "fill-a-form" program&#039;s text block. This third party program is kinda like FormFlow and people must write performance reports on employees using the program. My program is one that helps them write bullets which they then must cut and paste into this "fill-a-form" program. But I&#039;m having trouble making sure the user inputted bullet will fit in the one line text box of this other program. I can&#039;t just do a string.length on it because that doesn&#039;t take into account the font or the fact that some letters are wider than others. I had thought I could take the user inputted bullet statement, throw it into a label control (with the same font and size as the third party software as best I can tell) and then return the label.width and use that. No dice for some reason. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks very much. My email is lilryno@aol.com if you want to email me.