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Thread: How to add the IUSR_<Machine Name> accou

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    Default How to add the IUSR_<Machine Name> accou

    In response to some database access issues I was having with an access database, I determined that I need to add the IUSR_&#060;Machine Name&#062; account to the access database (give permissions). <BR>On past machines I&#039;ve seen a list of available <BR>accounts I can select to give them access (for example, "aspnet" user and "IUSR_&#060;Machine Name&#062;" user). However, when I click "add" on the security tab I&#039;m given a textarea to enter the "Object name" which I&#039;m assuming is for the accounts I want to add. I don&#039;t know the IUSR_&#060;Machine Name&#062; account name <BR>though. In the past I didn&#039;t have to manually enter the name, how can I find this user so that I write the correct name?<BR>

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    Default So what is the name...

    ...of the machine??? If you don&#039;t remember, you can find it through the CONTROL PANEL --&#062;&#062; SYSTEM --&#062;&#062; COMPUTER NAME<BR><BR>Be sure to use the "full name" and NOT the "description".<BR><BR>

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