"Sending" a CDONTS Object fails

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Thread: "Sending" a CDONTS Object fails

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    Grubby Guest

    Default "Sending" a CDONTS Object fails

    I get this error when I try to send mail using a cdonts object<BR><BR>objMail.Send should send the message but it will not. Do I have a problem with my IIS setup? Or is there something still to configure with SMTP? Please help.<BR><BR>error &#039 80070003&#039 <BR>The system cannot find the path specified. <BR><BR>/asp/dave/test/cdonts.asp, line 16 <BR>

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    Default One question...

    Hey, what is in that cdonts.asp page. Is that the page with the cdonts code, or are you just calling something with that path?<BR><BR>Usually if something is wrong with cdonts, you get &#039cannot create ojbect&#039 error. Actually, it&#039s NOT that something is wrong with cdonts, it&#039s that it is not on the server...<BR><BR>Just take a step back and make sure there is no argument with directories, espeically with databases.<BR><BR>If you use Frontpage 2000, it WANTS IT in the &#039fpdb&#039 folder, so if you db path is NOT there, it might just give ya the finger...<BR><BR>That&#039s why I am asking if it is the db path, if you use FP 2000, or if that is the pure cdonts emailing page.<BR><BR>Let us know more so we can help you. Good luck<BR><BR>Joel

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    Default well it was common problem

    Hi..your problem seems to be that your iis setting had changed or it was not configured to smtp server properly. <BR> If you had changed the default directory server for mail to any directory or your custome directory check to see that picup,drop,quee,badmail&#039s folder&#039s exists withinit.<BR> You can find the sample code in if you start the iis smpt server.<BR> if any more doubts persists or let me know the clear error you are receiving when you are sending mails.<BR>

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    Manoj Guest

    Default RE:

    Please check whether SMTP services were installed from NToption pack4.0

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    GRUBBY Guest

    Default details

    Hi and THANKS for the replies so far I will be back on it today. I think there were some holes in the server config. Anyhow, I started with UNABLE TO CREATE OBJECT so I copied and registered CDONTS.dll fixing this problem and getting the new one. The code creates the object, sets the properties using (objMail.From/To/etc. = ...) But at objMail.Send I get the error previously mentioned (path not found). Error line:<BR><BR> objMail.Send<BR>

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    GRUBBY Guest

    Default RE: One question...

    No frontpage here. The Obj.Send command is what generates the error.<BR><BR> yada<BR> yada<BR> yada<BR>ObjMail.Body = strBody<BR>objMail.Send &#039error comes from here<BR><BR>error &#039 80070003&#039 <BR>The system cannot find the path specified. <BR><BR>/internet surplus/SurplusMailRequest.asp, line 46 <BR><BR>As i said I&#039ll see about setting upo SMTP i think my prob lies there. fell free to mailto:dogrubwi@pacifica-papers.com

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